What Do I Need to Do to Get Started?


Read Over the Getting Started Info

This website is the main therapy site.

On the homepage, you’ll find easy access to the basic info and links with more detailed info, like:

a) appointment times
b) fees
c) directions
d) portal sign-in
e) frequently asked questions
f) other services and products

Being familiar with how things work and what to expect will help answer your questions and soothe your concerns.

It also creates a solid foundation for our work together.


Complete the Consent Forms & Register

All of the treatment consent forms, scheduling, payment, and communication between us take place in the client portal.

Each person who will be receiving therapy needs to create their own account in the portal. Please do NOT create an account for anyone other than yourself.

All adults need to consent for therapy, and the registration process walks them through those permissions.

Here on the main therapy website, you’ll find a link with tutorials about the client portal.

There are screenshots and videos to help you find things inside the portal, or to troubleshoot any problems you may have.


Schedule Your Intake Session

All new clients start out with an intake session.
Intake sessions are NOT available after 6pm.

The calendar will show you the available intake slots up to 18 days in advance inside the client portal.

During the intake, I’ll:
a) gather a bit of info about your background
b) get a basic overview of what’s going on now
c) do a brief assessment
d) work with you to start forming our treatment goals

along with answering your questions!

If you are coming as a couple for your intake session, you only need to schedule one intake session for both of you to attend together. (Each of you will need to create your own account in the portal.)

Session Prices

Sometimes you need a quick check-in or to just focus on something specific. Other times- you may need us to do a deep-dive. So prices are based on session length.

The cost is the same whether it’s an in-take session, an assessment, a couple session, a family session, or whatever the case may be. If you would like to use your insurance, this quick video in the Portal Help with walk you through Insurance Reimbursement.

UPDATE: I am in the process of contracting and credentialing with several insurance panels. Currently, I accept Medicare, and will be in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield on May 26, 2024. Other panels are in process and should be finalized anytime between now and sometime in July. You can find more details under Insurance.





  • 30 minutes





  • 45 minutes





  • 60 minutes

Clients pay me for all sessions via cash, check, or credit/debit card. A card must be put on file to schedule sessions. The system automatically verifies the card in a process where a $1 hold is placed on the card and then reversed.

Got questions?

Good! I’d be worried if you didn’t! Having a clear understanding always make things less nerve-wracking and more successful- right from the start.

From just how confidential our sessions are, to how couple therapy works, to medication and more- I’ve got just the answers you need.

Appointment Times

I work in blocks of time so I can maintain my ability to focus during sessions. On a normal week, there are five session blocks. Sessions are available in the office or via phone or video.

After doing online therapy for a year, many of my clients have found they like the convenience of doing sessions from home. They don’t have to get a babysitter or feel rushed with the other parts of their lives. So I’m offering more online therapy blocks.

When you schedule an appointment, the calendar will make you choose whether you want a phone session, an online session, or an in-office session. The calendar will then only show you the times that area available for the options you choose. Your session confirmation and reminder texts will also say where your session takes place.

FIRST SESSIONS: Your first appointment will be a consultation. Consults last 60 minutes, and are offered only on certain days and times. All new clients will begin with a consult session to do an initial assessment and make sure I can provide what you need.

When you register, the calendar in the portal will only show you the openings for the session times that I have designated as consult sessions. There are approximately 3 consult times per week. This allows me to make sure that I have enough openings for new clients, along with my current clients and inactive clients who may need a quick-in session.

Even though I offer a variety of times for sessions, consult sessions are limited to certain days and times of the day. There isn’t a lot of flexibility. I know many people prefer to have sessions around their work schedule, and I understand that, especially if we are meeting weekly or every other week for our sessions. I’ve prioritize those times on my calendar for those regular appointments. You may have to shift your work schedule in order to attend the first session consultation offerings.

After your consult, if I am able to offer what you need, then you will have access to the full calendar to schedule your upcoming sessions.

Spring 2024 Therapy Blocks


Monday am

Tuesday am








Thursday pm

Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
The office is closed on Fridays, weekends, and holidays.

Closings & Schedule Changes:

  • Monday, April 29, 2024
  • Monday, May 27, 2024 Memorial Day
  • Thursday, July 4, 2024 Independence Day

Let’s Talk!

If you’re ready- just click the button below to access the home page of the client portal. The client portal is my electronic medical record system, where all of the forms to get started are housed. Just complete the “paperwork” and then take a look at the calendar. It will show you what’s open.
If you need some help navigating the portal, I’ve got a help page all set up just for the portal. It has short videos that show you where to find the invoices, how to get in the wait list for a session, where to pay, and more.
Client Portal Tips

For my friends who aren’t too sure about the client portal, or if you’re trying to figure out how to do something specific inside the client portal- I’ve got a place with everything you need in one place.